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Fresh Oil Fresh Fire is an annual impartition and anointing conference held every February. Each year we have people travel from all over the country and several nations of the world to take part in the program. However, this year was very unique for us, as we were able to host our conference virtually to abide by the state COVID regulations to ensure the safety of our ministry partners and attendees.

Each year, we have daytime teaching sessions centered on specific topics. This year, we were taught How to Recognize God-Given Visions and the importance of Honoring Your Spiritual Leader. We also prayed biblical prayers over our year ahead, and praise God with an amazing praise and worship team! In addition, Supreme Archbishop Emmanuel Ojo Powerson also ordained Rev. A.A. Melchizedek into the office of apostle!

The program was exlusive to anyone who registered. However, the videos are still stored in our exclusive Facebook group. To gain access to the group, click HERE


During Fresh Oil Fresh Fire 2021, attendees were asked to contribute a seed of their choice to aid with the EPM Missions throughout the world. This includes evangelism efforts, programs to host and educate kings in Africa regarding Christianity, and all efforts of community and world outreach. To contribute towards your seed, please contact for details. Thank you!

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